The ugly truth:Happiness

In a generation consumed with artificial ideals of perfection, it’s not hard to believe how sensitive the average teenager can become when dealing with insecurities. The media’s constant and, often, inaccurate depiction of “reality” only fuels the fire that brightly burns inside many teenage mind’s. Magazines, television shows, and other sources of media worldwide tend to create the illusion that happiness is equivalent to appearance, weight, and body image. Many of us have started to believe that feeding into these artificial ideals of perfection will make us happy, but the ugly truth is it won’t.


Happiness in truth, revolves around how you view the world, others, and, most importantly, yourself. Comparing yourself to those who are seemingly perfect won’t do anything, but destroy your self-esteem and take away your joy. Stop trying to defy flaws, comparing yourself to others, and aiming to achieving the unrealistic standards of “perfection.” Self-contentment stems from accepting who you are, the good and the bad. The moment you can look into the mirror and accept your flaws, will be the moment you gain confidence and the happiness that you crave.


You find true happiness when you surround yourself with positivity, people that make you happy, and with choices that you enjoy. In the end, you always reap what you sow. Self-satisfaction begins, not with how others see you or who they believe you should be, but how you see and appreciate yourself. 

-A girl who knows-


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