How to become a Beauty guru on Youtube! -10 Tips and steps

GURU : A person who has a lot of experience in or knowledge about a particular subject. (Source:

Seeing the ample amount of success many guru’s have achieved on youtube has left many of us wondering; how can I be a beauty guru?There are plenty of steps you can take to help you accomplish your beauty guru dreams,but  Its important that you  understand that there is no right or wrong way to do things on YouTube. Just be you and follow some basic youtube account steps and your on you way to 100+ subs.

STEP 1. Make an account

Make sure to choose a name you feel you could love for a long time.Keep in mind while creating your username that your channel name will be pretty long-term.Especially if you plan to make youtubing your career. Your channel name  should be one that you can remember. Try to stay away form lots of numbers and unnecessary letters.The best username you can choose is one that include your first name, it makes it easier for your audience to remember you. Examples: Beautybylexi, Alice+Art etc. If you don’t want to use your name, but find it hard to come up with a creative username try using online name generators, those are always helpful. Here’s a link to a perfect name generator :

STEP 2. Channel Art

The next step can be really fun  if you enjoy creating backgrounds, banners, drawing, graphic design, or anything that deals with  digital art. Your channel art  should be creative,personal, and focused around what you do on your channel . If you don’t have a professional photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop for example. Then you can easily use either paint or an online editing site similar to Pixlr . Here’s a link to the highly recommended pixlr website:  


Now the next step is more of a game to let other Gurus know that you’ve joined the guru community . Just  subscribe to other Guru channels.Some may  potentially subscribe to your channel as a way to welcome you to the community .

STEP 4.  Start making VIDEOS!

This is the most important part of becoming a YouTube guru.  Whats a YouTube channel without videos! ( A YouTube used for stalking that’s what!)  Start out with a tutorial or a tag to get people interested.  Remember to keep things short and sweet. The youtube community isn’t know for liking unnecessarily long videos unless you have a well establish youutbe,with dedicated subbies .

STEP 5. TAG your videos and fill in your description box

This step is also very important because without tags  viewers will  find it harder to discover your videos through YouTube search . Remember to use a very descriptive title for your videos  for instance instead of using “My summertime nails” try using “Lana Del Rey summertime nails” .

STEP 6. Make your videos as video responses

Find other YouTubers that have the same theme of your video and ask if your video could be added as a video response. Make sure to look for videos with large amounts of viewers .

STEP 7. Respond to your video(s) comments.

Remember to be friendly to your viewers, respond to help them connect to you.

STEP 8. Social Media

You should have social media account.Its very important to stay connected to your viewers. Let your viewers know that you have a life outside of YouTube.

STEP 9. Apply for Youtube partnerships

It takes money to provide awesome videos for your viewers and giveaway that they definitely deserve.If you don’t have money to spare apply for a partnership.There is of course the Youtube partnership or you could go with other choices such as The platform, Stylehaul and later on Teen Culture.


If you have any questions feel free to comment and ask Teen Culture! We will try to read all comments we promise.



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