Y.R.U Flatform review

During winter break I borrowed my dad’s pretty little plastic card and, handed my money to nastygal.com for a pair of rad Y.R.U Qozmo  flatforms. They arrived on my porch all boxed and, pretty.


`        I grabbed a pair of scissors and got to work on my box; cutting the tape in half and, ripping the cardboard box open .There in that cardboard box laid another box, this time a smaller black one that was rocking the Y.R.U logo. Inside of the box were two beauts, delicately wrapped in tissue paper and, encased in plastic bags. After plucking both flatforms out of their box I discovered something I’d overlooked. An extra pair of shoe laces all decked out in golden glitter sat in a tiny plastic bag; which I quickly snatched up to admire.


The fit for a Spice girl Y.R.U.  flatforms are true to size. The flatform has a 4 inch heel and a 3 inch platform.The Y.R.U flatform has little to no weight and, is very easy to walk in due to its lightweight outsole. The flatform’s shoe bed is padded, making the shoe extremely comfortable to wear. The tongues, as well as the ankles of the shoes are padded; further increasing the shoes comfortably and posing as extra support for your ankles.

After wearing the shoes for a little over three hours, I quickly came to realize why flatforms went out of style after the 90s.These bad boys are dangerous! I highly doubt that the support provided could save an ankle from spraining during a nasty fall down, but I do appreciate Y.R.U for doing their best to prevent anything from happening to their customers ankles. If you’re like  me and are just way too obsessed to hide these baby’s away in your closet ;save yourself the embarrassment of accidentally tripping or hurting your ankles by only wearing your flatforms to places that are pebble/trash free and somewhere with enough people standing around to break your fall.


I give Y.R.U’s  Qozmo flatforms a 10/10.The company clearly has amazing designers who  pay attention to details. They made a shoe that could of easily been an uncomfortable, heavy ,accident waiting to happen; into a comfortable, light and, safe (well, as safe at you can get with flatforms) shoe. I’m more than a little excited to make another Y.R.U purchase after receiving my Qozmo flatforms.

Want the shoe? Then click on the links down below.

Black flatform link: http://www.nastygal.com/shoes_sneakers/alliance-platform-sneaker

White flatform link:http://www.karmaloop.com/product/348326

Or you can purchase them from the Y.R.U official site

Black flatform: http://y-r-u.com/product/new-qozmo-hi-black/

White flatform: http://y-r-u.com/product/new-qozmo-hi-white/



12 thoughts on “Y.R.U Flatform review

  1. This was a really awesome review thanks so much! I’ll make sure to keep this in mind the next time I’m online shopping! I also liked how you talked about the spice girls!

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