Who is Mulan to us? – TeenCulture Edition

Hello Outcasts,

I know everyone has seen the animated movie called Mulan, which was created by Disney!  Yes Like everything else, Disney productions are always twisted from their original stories. If your familiar with the movie Mulan than you know how the story goes. With a quick over view Mulan is around the appropriate age to get married, but unlike this breed of girl she can’t stand the idea! This being a critical time of her life the men are being called into battle to fight! Which means BYE! BYE! father for Mulan. On the flip side of this she ends up leaving to battle in replace of her father. If your not familiar with this movie you might be freaking out by this time! Yes Mulan is a female and she was never caught by her other warrior friends! Which are by the way MEN! Well isn’t  that a shocker!

Link to Mulan Poem: http://www.chinapage.com/mulan-e.html


I honestly don’t believe that Mulan is a terrible daughter  to her family or disrespectful and not even considered to be labeled a disobedient child, Well maybe a little. You know what I saw in Mulan? I watched a girl that wanted to be free to be herself , to express the woman she wanted to become. Not the woman her parents or even society labeled for her to be. She went against her own CRAZZED Wits ! and stepped into a new doorway. A doorway that would take her faraway from what society portrayed for her to become. Mulan is brave and most Important a super-girl! to us all.


The Ending of Mulan truly amazed me! I felt every emotion. Any girl from china around this time would of been punished terribly for interacting with these actions. As she stood in front of this large crowd of people the bowed and cheered for her. Mulan saved so many lives with her great thinking – Thinking outside of the Box- This had to be truly the most empowering part of Mulan that made me smile so much. Even through what society said she made her own path at the end they accepted who she truly was.  Not just as a women but as a brave solider and most importantly a hero to all females.

How is Mulan a super-girl? shes a brave, inspiration to us all , especially to our amazing outcasts followers! Its about being different from the normal standards. Like the saying goes “Be outside of the box” its what the outcasts are, its what Mulan is truly portrayed to be. When you think about it deep enough you don’t want to just! be know as “That Girl” you want to be known as ” That Girl that likes to be herself, or different from everyone else” Be that girl that wears a Christmas sweater and lights during Halloween. Be that girl that’s addicted to die her hair colored Jelly bean colors! Wear you hair down, short, cut, curly and even straight and Kinky! Mulan was  That girl that joined battle and cut her own hair, and you know what else she was victorious in the end! So lets all be outcasts to what society has said we had to portray to be brave, beautiful, and worth it!  Lets be the curly heads, Red heads, and even freckle face. Glitz and glam chic, and the sporty girl that plays lacrosse. Go against your own wits and create your own super-Girl and be that girl that will change the world.


Listen to this amazing song that makes me dance when I think about Mulan’s story!




Please comment below and tell us who is Mulan to you?We would love to here your thoughts on our new Series! We will comment back we promise

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