Wishi.me Review.

We all can finally say goodbye to those pesky nothing to wear days thanks to the quickly rising WiShi.me app.

Fairy stars

WiShi in a nut shell is the fairy god  app of the fashion industry. The WiShi  app allows you to have your closet at your fingertips; If you, like me have developed the nasty habit of picking up things that catch your eye without taking  your closet into consideration , then this  app will most definitely become your best friend.


WiShi has quite a few amazing features, but the most notable (for us anyway) is the request style feature .This feature allows you to select the type of event you’re going to, the date of the event, what the weather will be like and, the time in which the event starts. After you enter that information you can submit your style request and then be styled by a WiShi stylist or WiShi members .You can also partake in styling members which can become super addictive.


The WiShi features are great, but the WiShi consumer support is even better! I know firsthand how much a crappie support team can ruin a consumers experience with the site; lucky the WiShi consumer support team is the exact opposite. They have done their best to get back to me on questions, reply to Facebook post I have made and, favorite the tweets I tweeted them. They even took the time to reply to the feedback email full of suggestions that I sent them. If that’s not showing your consumer love I don’t know what is.


            The community at WiShi is just splendid! There are a bunch of style savvy girls over at WiShi who only type kind, encouraging words and, welcome new comers with open arms. Many of them can give you great style tips and are super good at styling outfits.


          WiShi is nothing short of spectacular with its innovative features, amazing community and, superb consumer support; I give WiShi a well-deserved 10/10 for their amazing app. We here at Teen Cult cannot wait to see more from them. We wish them the best of luck this new year and amazing success to come.

Want more wiShi?Then check out the links below.

wishi website:http://wishi.me/home

wishi facebook:https://www.facebook.com/TheWiShi

wishi twitter:https://twitter.com/thewishi

wishi blog:http://www.wishi.me/blog/



6 thoughts on “Wishi.me Review.

  1. I recently joined wishi.me & I also absolutely love it! It’s awesome since I’m a free lance stylist (aspiring) 🙂

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