Healthy Hair Tips.

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Hey Outcast,

Here are five tips that you can take to help your hair thrive during the cold winter months or make it through the summer heat. Feel free to share some of your own hair tips in the comment section .

 1. Use  wide tooth Combs.

Okay, can I just, say something crazy? The type of comb you use could change you hair life forever! If you have been using a  comb with teeth that are close together I recommend throwing it in to the nearest dresser and get ready to rummage around Walmart until you find a comb with wide teeth. Combs with teeth that are close together pull at tangled hair until it rips its way to the next tangle. A wide tooth comb glides through the hair with ease and when faced with tangles it actually detangles them  rather than just ripping them  out.

2. Oil your hair.

It’s important that you try to oil your hair once a day; especially in the winter months when hair is more likely to be dry. There are many types of oil you can use on your hair, but for daily use you should aim to use hair oils that do not have protein . I found that extra virgin olive oil is the best oil to use daily for my hair. Olive oil does not contain protein and if used at night time can leave your hair soft and light (opposed to the slightly heavy feeling hair gets when you first oil it) in the morning.

3. Use protein.

Protein is essential for hair growth and, retaining your hairs length .If your hair does not get enough protein it will lose its lustrous shine, healthy bounce and, it will begin to break off or shed in massive amounts. To combat this you can use protein treatments or oils that contain protein. My favorite  protein treatment is the mayonnaise and olive oil hair treatment. I know it probably sounds gross to many of you and quite frankly I agree, but it honestly does amazing things to hair. The mayonnaise and olive oil hair treatment can even  revive overly dry, chemically damaged hair (to an extent of course). Coconut oil is a great oil to use when your hair is need of protein .Coconut oil strengths the hair, softens it and, gives it a nice glossy shine that last all through the week. Protein can do wonders for the hair, but too much of it can make hair straw like and cause it to break off. You should only do protein treatments once a month and apply oils that contain protein once a week.

4. Say goodbye to split ends.

Split ends are a pain, especially when you’re trying to grow your hair out; if you aren’t too handy with a pair of scissors it ultimately means saying good-bye to length. Luckily I own this amazing hair tool called the split ender , the split ender only cuts off your split ends and saves your hair length. If you don’t want to buy a split ender like I did it’s totally fine just make sure you’re getting rid of split ends, because they will eventually split up the root.

5. Put your hair into Protective styles.

If you are looking to grow you hair out or find that it’s become super dry during the winter months then protective styles are the way to go. A loose fishtail braid, loose bun, or low ponytail are just a few protective styles that  you can wear,  you want to be sure that you are not to making any of your protective styles to tight. Tight buns, ponytails and other pulled back styles are super cute, but can cause tension at your scalp and make your hair-line recede . It’s more than okay to wear hairstyles that are tight just try not to make them an everyday thing, because they could cause damage to your hair.hairper

                   (A bit of protective style inspiration )

-Aerin F.


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