The Ugly Truth- High School Cliques!

Sure you call yourself the Popular Teen in school, the jock that everyone wants to hang around. Our generation is changing and so are class ranks! Nerds are cool and well the so called “POPULAR KIDS”   are just plain irritating. From being the teenager that was normal, labeled as the  “Floater” (I don’t really care I’m just going to be myself) , who associated with everyone I personally think its time for a reality check! Theirs all types of CLIQUES especially in High school and depending on where you live some Middle schools. Social Cliques like the list below!


All these types of cliques and for what good reason! Their is no reason at all, these names could make or break someones whole high school reputation. Trust me I know, My 9th grade year was full of drama not by me or about me , but about others that I communicated with. When I would try to talk to these people they would feel hopeless and sad, like they were worth nothing. They even explained to me how they wanted to end their own lives because of it.  Let us no longer allow  society to tell us  who we are, lets decide that for ourselves!  What is life if you cant pick the path you want to take? Remember Teen Culture is always here for you, why? Because were teens going through things in our lives as well, at least this time were can stick together! We love you Outcasts and stay strong and true to who you really are. Now go show them whose the BOSS!

Talk to you Next time,

– A girl who knows


(Disclaimer: Teen Culture holds no rights to Photos in this post )


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