Claire’s Review/Haul!

Hey Outcast,

Recently I went to the mall and I decide that I needed more Jewelry for my collection. Now I haven’t bought anything from Claire’s Shop for some time now  and I guess It was time to revisit to see what was new! Lately I’ve Had my eye on ear cuff earrings , but I never got around to buying me a pair so today I thought would be the perfect day to do so. As you may have already known by visiting Claire’s is that they are quiet expensive with some of their prices so its always good to go into their store with a mind set and price of what you want ahead of time. With doing so I wanted to share some of the things that I bought from their store. I also have a link to the Claire’s site if they have it available online, otherwise you would have to walk the store to find it. Hope you all enjoy this and remember to comment down below which is your favorite or what you are interested in buying for yourself.

Flower Crowns!

1-2. The first flower crown I laid my eyes on was the pretty white and yellow on in photos 1 and 2. Sadly I forgot what the actual name is for this flower I believe its a Lilly but I could be totally WRONG! Let me know in the comment section.

3-4. The second Flower crown that I bought was a rose flower crown. I thought that this was very sweet that would be great for the days which you would like to be very girly and sweet! It does fit the head odd! If that makes any sense. One thing that I promise that you will gain complements on both flower crowns because their so beautiful.


Infinity Necklaces!

1. The first Infinity necklace I bought was the Mood changer and Honestly I didst realize that It changed colors when your mood did until I read the front once I had gotten home. I actually enjoy Mood changing items so therefore I was happy with my purchase.

2. The Second Infinity Necklace I purchased was very plain with a diamond in the middle of the Infinity sign. Honestly I’m not very fond of the the design although its very simple to wear with any outfit.

Infinity Necklances

Adjustable Bracelet

1. Next I purchased a adjustable bracelet in a neon orange color. This bracelet by far is amazing! I feel so bright when I wear it against my wrist. Its something about the color that makes me feel confident while wearing. The feel is amazing and I’ve tried to create this adjustable bracelet before but failed but I’m willing to take another go if any of would like just comment below for a DIY.


I hope you all enjoyed this Claire Review and don’t forget to comment, share and follow us for more posts every week.

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