Our Promise.



How long does it take for someone to scum to darkness? No time at all, that’s why it’s important that we don’t forget the small things in life .The things that have made us smile,laugh, and, excited. It’s imperative that we keep moving along in this giant game of life and remember that we can finish this game. Teen Cult knows that you can do more than finish life, you can win it. Unfortunately we can’t play for you; it’s up to you to do that. So promise yourself to hold on to your dreams and, reach for a great future,because nothing   you want is far from your grasp .Promise yourself that you will try to cherish the people who love you and, the things that have made you who you are. When tough times come to  knock you down, make you worry and, encourage you to forget who you are; look back at all you’ve held and remember how amazing you are and that you have a reason to fight  back.

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