Brittany’s Profile Tag!

Hey Outcasts,

Today March 28th is Teen Cultures first year anniversary, starting from the first day we created Teen Cultures name through today.  So since were so excited we wanted to announce that we have added two new Teen Culture members! We will create a post on both new team members by introducing them both through our very own profile tag!!! Feel free to comment down below to ask Brittany or Teen Culture any questions we will answer all! So further or do I welcome you Brittany our Beauty Director!


1. What beauty product can you not live without?

I love my eye make-up. Out from all products my favorite would have to be my Maybelline eye studio gel eyeliner.

2. Who is your favorite YouTube via- Lifestyle, Fashion and Beauty?


  • GiGi Gorgeous



  • O2L (if that counts


  • Tyler Oakley



  • Andrea’s choice


3. Since your joining Teen Cultures team , What does Teen Culture mean to you? How do you think it will effect other teens life?

Teen Culture means I can express my creativity and learn from myself and the Outcasts viewers. Teen Culture will effect teens by letting them explore different ways to express themselves. Makeup and Fashion is apart art, and personally I think its a bunch of fun. From skin care to finding the perfect fragrance its all  apart of expressing yourself. I want to be apart of helping teens discover themselves through this part of life with Teen Culture.

4. So this months theme is living the high life what comes to mind?

I think parties! Lots of luxury and surrounding of yourself and the people you care mostly about. Just having fun!

5. What advice would you give to our outcast followers when it comes to being yourself?

Being the true you is the best kind of YOU! you could possibly  be. If your not yourself then you could become attracted to people and situations that the TRUE YOU! would not like to be involved with.

6. What keeps you motivated?

Honestly my friends, Family and my life goals keep me moving while motivated.

Hope you enjoyed this Profile tag! More from Brittany just visit the schedule page and see when she will post every week! Stay tuned for some awesome things from Brittany. I’m so excited I’m screaming right now. We love you all , Do you love us? Well then share this and blog , tweet, instagram about this (Myspace –Just kidding who goes on Myspace?)

Talk soon



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