Brittany’s Beauty:How to apply glitter to your eyelids.

We all love a little glitter now and then, right? But the hardest part of putting on loose glitter is when it clumps or falls off in a matter of minutes. Well I’m here to share with you a couple of easy tricks to have that glitter looking amazing without a bunch of fall out.

-The first thing you’re going to want to do is use an eyelid primer. This really helps with getting the eyelid ready for any makeup you’re going to put on. (You want to put on primer after you are done with your usual foundation routine.)

-Next you want to put on an eye shadow that matches the color of the glitter that you are going to be applying. This sets a backdrop to the eyes and minimizes those gaps that you have when you use glitter. It also makes it easier to really see the color of you glitter. You’re going to apply this eye shadow to to eyelid, where you are putting your glitter.

-For this next step there are many routes you can take. I’ve heard many ways that people have tried to keep their glitter on: petroleum jelly, lip balm, even lip gloss! The one way that I would suggest (because I’ve never tried the others) is getting a glitter glue made for keeping you eye glitter to stay. But make sure you get the glue that is made specifically for glitter that goes on you eye. Whatever adhesive you would like to use you want to dab it on with your finger. For the glitter glue I would suggest putting a pea sized amount on the top of you hand and then dab it across your eyelid with your finger.
*TIPS: Make sure you dab and not rub because you could ruin your backdrop eye shadow. Also, make sure you don’t forget any spots when putting the glue on!*

-And finally you want to apply the glitter to your eyelids. Use a small round brush to, again, dab the glitter on. there is no rubbing when applying these products because that could mess up the previous steps. (you can also use your finger when you apply your glitter. Just always remember to dab!) You can finish off this eye makeup look off with some liquid eyeliner or mascara… or both!
*TIPS: If you have any fallout below your eyes from applying the glitter you can your a big, fluffy foundation brush (or just the biggest brush you have) to sweep it away. You can also use tape to grab the fallout.

I hope you enjoyed these makeup tips! I’d love to hear any comments, questions, or concerns!
Love you!,


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