Top 5 Youtubers -Living the High Life-

I admit that I am a YouTube junky to the fullest degree.In  honor  of  Teen Cults  March-April  theme and  my  obsession  with  Youtube  here  is a  list of youtubers I believe  live the high life  .

1.  Shameless Maya



– Maya Washington  created her  youtube  to  document  herself  shamelessly  promote   on  various  social  media  outlets   for  365  days. 365  days  latter  Maya  became  a  well  known  social  media  star  that  has  inspired  368,799 people and  counting  to  step out of their comfort zone  and  do  them  boo.

2.  ClothesEncounter



– Jenn Im  is  by far  one  of  thee  most  style  savvy  youtubers  I  have  come  across. She  lives  the  highlife  by  expressing  her  style and individuality through every  outfit  she  has  put  together.


3.Michelle Phan



– Six  years  ago  Michelle Phan  posted  a  video  that  would  lead  to  300  more  videos  and  over  6 million  subscribers.  Her  knack  for  all  things  beauty  lead  her  straight  to her  dreams.Michele  is  living  the  highlife  through  her growing youtube  channel  and  inspiring success story.


4.Bethany Mota



-Bethany Mota through her YouTube experience built a following base by just being herself! People love her because she expresses herself as Authentic! (the real deal) Now she has a clothing line!

5. Joey Graceffa



-Joey Graceffa created a lifestyle channel on YouTube and has been gaining much attention from his new show called the Storytellers. He honestly believed in himself through this journey of his and created a life experience for himself.


Take these You-tubers as examples! You can make a difference all you have to do is first believe in yourself. So today start living your life “The High Life” but don’t want to achieve  what others are doing, be yourself and then everything will come adding up!

Know someone  that’s  living  the  high  life?Tell  us  about  them  in  the  comments  below.



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