Jessica Sin- Fashion Profile Interview!


Hey besties,

Since this months theme is Living the High Life it seemed more than appropriate  to have an interview with someone who is making a career for themselves by doing the things they love.Teen Cult  recently had the amazing opportunity to interview  the Lovely Jessica Sin who is doing  just that through  her blog “Third of November” .Get better introduced to the girl who  inspires through everything she does by reading Teen Cults rad interview with her.



What inspires your fashion choices?

Every image from instagram, tumblr, especially the street styles from different fashion weeks and editorials from magazines

Have you ever had any doubt in your fashion sense? If so how did you overcome it?

Of course! Everyone has, hasn’t they? But then I went through some quotes and videos from Instagram and Youtube, and I got the message that we are who we are, there is no need to care what other thinks, just do what you want, wear what you like, embrace your weirdness, and create your very own unique style!

If you could have anything magically appear in your closet what would be?

One teaspoon ripped boyfriend jeans Nonono it’d be Miu Miu sun glasses Or Boy Chanel chain bag?  Umm it’s so hard to decide…



Do you have any advice for people facing fashion anxiety?

Take it easy! There is no point in styling if you’re not enjoying it! It’s okay just putting on a white tee and a pair of jeans or anything you feel comfortable in it, even it’s a lazy look, once in a while.

What fashion trend do you currently love?

The sporty casual chic is all over me, not that I am a sporty gal, it’s just because I can’t live without sneakers.

If you could have a store as your fairy god mother what store would it be?

Chanel’s  grocery store for god’s sake!

Do you have a fashion quote that you live by? If so could you tell us what it is?

Not really. I mean I do enjoy the quotes but there’s no particular one I live by. I just avoid following the trend aimlessly and purchase only the pieces I like which suit me (and are affordable)


Which do you prefer beanie, snap-back or floral crown?

OMG I’m not doing this! …..Snap-back if I must make a choice. It looks better on me, and it’s boyish.

Flats or heels?

Heels — no doubt. I need that extra height!

How would you describe your style?

Kinda like boyish minimalism — Sherry helped me solve this out. Yet innovative ’cause it’s changing with posts I experiment with different style. 


Is there a post on the Teen Cult blog that you can relate to? Which one and why?

The ugly truth:Happiness — The one I’ve been reading over and over again, what was said is so true that almost everything everyone does is motivated only by the desire for “perfect” appearance, which doesn’t even exist! I once tried to fit in by what people think is so call “perfect”, and it’s ridiculous looking back on it. Now I’m trying to be who I am, and express my own thought, what other people think doesn’t even matter.


What do you hope to gain or obtain through your blogging experience?

I hope to be more bold, try something I’ve never tried before and learn to express my thought.


Want to see more from Jessica sin then feel free to Comment below and visit her blog! You will be impressed by her style! 

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