How to balance your look!

This weeks post will be more of a tip rather than a “how to”. I am going to share a way to keep your makeup looking balanced instead of too much or too little.

The number one rule to remember when applying a full face of makeup is “bold lip, neutral eye. bold eye, neutral lip.” You never really want to have a heavy smokey eye and bright lipstick because it might look like you’re trying to do too much with your makeup. For example: The tips I shared for applying glitter to you eyelids would go great with a pale lipstick close to the natural shade of your lips maybe even just a lip gloss. The point of this rule is so you can showcase one feature at a time. One day its the eyes, with a beautiful cat eye and another day you pull of a nice red lipstick. So people aren’t overwhelmed by the amount of exaggerated features.

Thank you so much for reading! I’m sorry this post is so short but I am going thrift shopping today so next week I will show what I bought.
Love you,


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