Music with Alice:Music picks.

Hey everyone! Here are my top 5 music picks for this week.


High School Lover- Cayucas

This is one of my favorites for the warmer weather. It reminds me of driving in the car with the windows down.



Coldplay- Magic

Coldplay’s newest single. It’s vastly different from their other songs, but it still possesses amazing music and memorable lyrics that many Coldplay songs have been known for.


Grimes- Oblivion

Grimes is a somewhat of an unknown artist, but her music is fantastic, especially if you like electronic music. This song is one of my favorites and also one of her most popular as well.


St. Vincent- Digital Witness

Another unknown artist, St. Vincent’s work can come off as eccentric and even weird to some, but she manages to make catchy and fun music nonetheless.


Sky Ferreira- Everything is Embarrasing

One of my favorites from Sky Ferreira. I’m a huge fan of her 80’s-esque sound, not to mention her rich voice.


That’s all for this week! Have a lovely day!




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