The ugly truth:Forgive and forget?

Forgiveness is something we should all try to give out because every person is prone to make a mistake or mistakes. The predicament many of us find ourselves facing though is going beyond the line of forgiveness and crossing over into clean slate territory.

As much as I’d like to push forth the idea that every person is an amazing person, who won’t screw you over every chance they get it just isn’t true. I’ve become a firm believer in not making the same mistake twice with people last year, because the ugly truth is many people do not deserve a second anything.

It’s important that at some point we stop the people who are hurting us and say to them-
“No more clean slates, no more starting over form the beginning and pretending it didn’t happen.”


If you allow people to walk over you, take everything from you and use you until you have nothing left to give, they will. My advice to you is to forgive them, but don’t trust them the way you did before .Don’t give them the benefit of the doubt when it is clear that they do not deserve it.

Until next time,
-A girl who knows.


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