Chitchat with Alex:Five confidence boosting tips!

Hey Outcasts,

Honestly, as of late Ive been feeling as if  I should share this post about confidence with all of you lovely people . Having low self-esteem  is a terrible whirlpool to go through, trust me I know from experience. Boosting your confidence can make a huge impact on your entire life. I will be completely honest with you all,I am no expert at  life; So I don’t know what would work for you ,but this list seemed to work for me.Although im not  positive that my confidence boosting tips/list will help every one I am sure about one thing, you have to try and be strong , keep your head up high, be sure to put on one heck of  bravado,because no matter what happens in our life we have the power to rise up and make a change if we try.


Boosting Confidence


1. Set goals– Setting goals and trying to achieve them is a great way to boost confidence in yourself. If your like me then you may write down goals and then forget that they are right in front of you (Yeah I don’t think I’m the only one). Someone once said that “where people go wrong  is trying to reach for the moon , when they fail they become discouraged.”  This is completely true , i have become a  person that never gives up, Why? Because there is no reason to;we have our entire life ahead of us so why not try something new? Remember  that you should never give up on something that you believe in,let that sit and resonate in your heart until it becomes second nature to you. Once you have grasped the understanding that there is no reason to give up you will gain all the confidence you will ever need.


2.  Challenge yourself- When a person challenges themselves they  open themselves up to a new experience,one that could be quite scary. When I was in middle school I had a crazy idea,one in which I decide to wear Christmas tree ornaments to school as earrings! At first I was scared to wear them,because I wasn’t sure how my peers would react. The thing that kept me going was the fact that I wanted to live up to the promise I made to to be myself. So, I wore the earrings and pushed aside the matter of what types of  reactions I would gain from others .That day I walked down the hallway with a confidence that was so pure that  I couldn’t even believe myself .


3. Have GRIT! – Recently I watched a Ted Talk with Angela Lee Duckworth and she basically described having a sense of GRIT in your life. Theirs no right , certain or correct way  to have GRIT, because its something that comes from deep within a person. When you have , express ,and, show Grit it shines through you; boosting confidence your confidence

Angelas speech:


4. SELF- Confidence-  Having self Confidence starts with you.Lets be honest here who knows your flaws better then yourself?Who can destroy your self-confidence better then yourself?No one other than you that’s who! Have you heard the saying we are our worst critiques,?well its right on point ,because we are. Make it a goal to compliment yourself and others at least  everyday. Not only does it make others feel good it helps to brighten your day.

Link to the skills of confidence :


5. Think\positive and Kill of Negative thoughts- Yes this might not be the funnest or easiest thing to do but it is  vital for your to try and do if you want to have confidence. Thinking positive helps you feel happier and confident. while killing negative thoughts can make you feel like the super-heroine of your very own comic book ,.Thinking and living a positive life is ideal to decreasing stress and, increasing happiness as well as confidence.


Outcasts do you or have you ever experienced this before ? We hope you gained more thinking bugs for your beautiful brains to ponder on. Remember keep your heads up HIGH.


-Made by the Outcasts for the Outcasts-


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