How to get the perfect “Cat Eye”

Hey guys! I’m sorry I missed last week! There has just been so much stuff going on in my life lately. Anyway…

There is a makeup look that has become very popular with all age groups. But it has many variations and, in my opinion, it is one of the hardest makeup looks to accomplish. With some helpful tips, that I have learned from trying to apply this look myself, I can help you to achieve the look you desire.

First, you want yo pick the type of liner you want to use. Pencil, Liquid and Gel liner. Depending on what kind of look you want you will need to pick the according eye liner.

Pencil- Pencil is easily smudged. The is con and a pro to using pencil liner. By smudging it purposely and correctly you can create a sort of ombre, whimsical look.

Liquid- Liquid is very solid and the hardest to get off. When you are applying liquid liner you need a steady hand. This creates a every solid and perfect line.

Gel- Personally, this is my favorite kind of liner. It combines the two qualities of the liquid and pencil liner. It creates a nice clear solid line with the option of creating a smudge look.

Once you’ve picked your liner you want to pick a brush. (This only applies to the liquid and gel liner). I have learned for liquid liner brush tips, oppose to felt tips, work best for me. When using gel liner you have many more options. And depending on what kind of liner look you are going for you are going to use different brushes. But if a cat eye look you want a brush that can give you a very thin line. When I do a cat eye I use a brush I found in an old makeup kit of mine. The important thing to know is that the brush needs a thin tip. I have also heard that small angle brushes work well also.

Lastly, the application. when you first start doing your liner, I suggest doing you upper lid, and lower lid if that’s what you want, before constructing the wing.  After both eye’s eyelids are finished now you can create the wing. There are a lot of different ways to do this so I would go and find some tutorials and experiment with which one best fits what you want and what you can do. What I do is I draw a line from the corner of my eye out, this line with line up with the line that your water line of your bottom lid creates (that was a lot on lines!) then I connect that line with the liner on my upper eye lid.tumblr_m675atiNYl1r8296yo1_1280

I hope this helped you and I’m sorry if it was confusing! Maybe, if you guys think it is a good idea, I will make a video tutorial on how I do my makeup.



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