How to dye your hair and unnatural color

Blue, purple, red, green, pink, any color that you want! It has become increasingly popular to have an unnatural color hair color. I was also apart of this group, I had died my hair red, turquoise, Midnight blue (a mix between purple and blue). In this post I will share some tips on how to get the perfect results and answer some FAQ’s along the way.

First, no matter what color your hair is naturally or what you are currently working with, you are going to need to bleach it. Not just any bleach either (I have been asked if Clorox bleach is ok… it is not) go to your local beauty store, don’t be afraid to ask what kind would be the best, and get an appropriate amount according to your hair length.

You’re not don’t at the beauty supply store yet! You’re going to need developer to mix with the bleach powder you have. 40 volume is the second strongest that I have seen. Any higher and you’re stepping into professional territory.

(FAQ: how much is it going to cost? bleach, developer and dye together can get pretty expensive depending on how long your hair is. But lets just say you are going to need more than a $20 bill.)

When you are ready you want to mix your bleach and developer. The bleach will usually have the correct measurements on the package. If not, you want to mix until it is a little more liquid than pudding.

Apply the bleach to your roots first, parting it each time. Then work it out to the ends. If this is your first time dying your hair you might need someone to do the back of your head. Wait until your hair is completely platinum. This may be harder if you have some type of red in your hair. And what has worked in the past when this has happened to me is purchasing actual platinum blonde dye. And applying that after I rinse out the bleach. Because there is a big chance that parts of your hair are going to turn a type of orange. The only time it might be ok to leave the orange is if you are dying your hair red.

(FAQ: will bleaching my hair damage it? YES! Bleaching your hair creates tiny holes in your hair which is perfect for when you dye your hair because the dye that you apply will fill those holes)

Next, before you start mixing your dye you want to put Vaseline or petroleum jelly around your hair line and on your ears so if the dye gets on those areas it does dye your skin. Next you are going to need white conditioner. Its always a good idea to mix dye with conditioner because of the damage that you have caused by bleaching your hair. Mix the conditioner with some water if your hair is dry and dab some all over your head so it is a little damp (this will also make your hair easier to work with) next mix the same solution with your dye until its the color you want.

Next follow the same applying techniques you followed when applying the bleach. After waiting a safe amount of time (more than 30 mins), rinse and style:)

Did I miss any of your questions? ask me at:

Twitter: @Briteencult

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Love you!



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