Dear Diary #1- LIVE ,ALIVE and ALOUD


Dear Diary,

Outcasts Honestly I’m tired of just living! Something urges me to do something more outrageous in life. We might not know where were heading in life and that’s okay. I’m not saying a individual should never think about the future, but what I’m trying to get across is that we should try to live in the moment. Try to experience the positive things that life has to offer. Just like our Promise post from last months theme “Living the High Life”  created by Aerin, You should be the best YOU,  that will help make our world a better place. So that one day someone could actually say, You know what life is pretty great, awesome and full of beautiful life opportunities.

Never give up hope, Never stop believing in yourself and in the ones around you. One day they might need you to push them forward in life. Honestly one day you just might need then to be by your side.  I’ve always made sure to believe in a person, inspire and encourage them to do something they love and help raise their spirit. What I’ve noticed is that when I inspire someone it makes me happy! Most importantly it makes people think how there are still that spark in the world and in peoples heart. So stay strong and know that were not giving up on you! So don’t give up on yourself. Believe that your soul is a beautiful jewel to carry. Dont just live A life, don’t live YOUR life but actually LOVE you life ALIVE! Show others what you are really made of. When you do this then people can see the beautiful gleaming light shining from within your skin, your heart and soul. If were going to live once might as well LIVE, ALIVE and ALOUD.

Remember Outcasts that you are Beautifully made, you are the star in someones eyes! Your our shining stars and never forget these words.  What are you waiting for? Go and make a change somewhere in this world.



images   tumblr_ltrdm808uj1qf70r5o1_500    tumblr_ma5bnv9LHK1rtixq3o1_400  tumblr_mlihe1YqMU1s1n221o1_500  tumblr_inline_moos8wX1pU1qz4rgp




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