OMG! Teen Culture WHAT! -UPDATE

Hey Outcasts,

We haven’t had a teen Culture update in a very long time so it just felt like the right time to throw one out . So if you haven’t followed us on our instagram, twitter and even tumblr then you might not know that Teen culture had their first interview! What is this like really happening for us? Yes it really did, so snap! Anyway we will have the link here for everyone to go ahead and read our interview on  its P.S I love fashions website.( Interview here!)

Moving along if you just haven’t noticed we have added our new team members to Teen Culture team! wooh were so excited to tell and welcome Brittany, Alice and Ila for joining our team. If you would like to visit Teen Cultures schedule page we break down who posts on what days. Brittany our Beauty Director is amazing at what she does and at many more, if you would like to interview her then feel free to email her at Alice our music director and advice panel writer is also so incredibly great at what she does. If you would like to summit questions for Alice to answer feel free to send then to her at Lastly we introduce you all to Ila , she will be over our health section of our website and will be posting on Sundays with your weekly heath session. If you would like to contact our heath advisor Ila it will be soon on the heath page for contact coming soon. we hope you all are enjoying our upgrades that are starting to happen.


we love and adore our Outcast club so if you would like to have more of these updates then feel free to comment or contact us by email.




Remember to stay strong this month and we want you to know that you can make it through whatever your going through!


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