Health: Best workout for Girls with different Body types!

Hey guys! I’m so happy to be a new member of TeenCult and to have the opportunity to bring you some helpful tips and tricks to living a healthy lifestyle. So without further a do, let’s get started!



One of the most important aspects of living a healthy life is to have a good workout regimen. This often confuses people as they choose any kind of physical activity to get fit. Of course, for optimal fitness, one must also consider what kind of workout targets the area they wish to improve. So I’ve done a little research in the past couple weeks to give you that information. See what category your body type fits into and get some inside tips on how to get the healthy body you’ve always wanted!




Having a slender body often means you have a stick like appearance with little body fat and muscle. So to give your body those sexy curves, focus heavily on workouts that will add more muscle-mass to your body. Some helpful moves you can do anywhere include lunges, leg raises, squats, and crunches. If you have access to a gym or have some weights lying around, use them on frequent basis to get some muscle going in the upper region as well. Of course, doesn’t just focus on a single region, rather, try to target all areas to preserve a balanced appearance



Having an athletic figure means you’ve already achieved the healthy silhouette people admire. All you have to do is to keep up the good work and continue to work out on a daily basis to keep that body going strong.



A pear shaped body means that you have a slender silhouette at the top, but waist down, you’re curvier. To take care of this imbalance you should perform a lot of cardio exercises, such as jogging outside, going on the treadmill, Jumping rope, playing tennis, or anything else that will raise your heart rate. Don’t forget to continue toning with some weight lifting.



Having a curvy body can make it a challenge sometimes to tone and get slender. Regardless, with enough effort and determination, you can still reach your optimal body physique. Just like the pear shaped category, I’d also recommend doing a lot of cardio to burn up cals quickly. Cardio that targets all areas of the body, like tennis, is also highly recommended. This form of exercise will also blast your metabolism up, making what you eat burn up more easily.



So that’s it guys! Next week, I’ll be talking about some tips to keeping the promises we tell ourselves we’re going to work out. For now, I hope this really helps!

Your health adviser, Ila



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