Style Crush: Jenn Im -AKA- clothesEncounters

Hey Outcasts,


We haven’t done a style crush in forever so why not start our our new theme this month with a style crush profile! Lately I’ve been obsessed with Jenn Im from clothesEncounters YouTube channel. Her style is amazing! and the pieces she puts together keeps me surprised. What I love most is that it seems to me she can Rock any clothing trend, while keeping her own twist and sense of style. Recently she cut her hair and honestly it looks amazing around her face. Shes able to change her style anytime and actually gets away with it! If your like me you enjoy changing your style everyday, so theirs no getting ready the night before. Have you ever wanted to be a biker one day and the floral queen the next? Well that’s how I feel everyday. If you look through Jenn Im clothing picks you can notice that’s their a sense of keeping her outfits toned! Meaning she makes a bold statement so that you get the picture while she adds something to tone it done so you wont become intimidated by her style. As weird as it sounds its very true! your style and the way dress makes a huge difference when it comes to how people think of you.

If I ever meat her I would be speechless and would probably want to be BFF’s with her, Seriously! I’ve picked some of the most amazing style picks from her , which by the way was so hard to pick because  of her amazing style.



c3c336a4db5c5fed7bf477c7461aff1cJenn Im Instagram 11516649_533502183435077_1923627726_ncd926c813c115a08caf2394b891256fee30dddf44a4df7b1aae9f7ea48bfa5a55_JENNfur_6_jenn




Hope you all enjoyed this post, if you would like to see more from ClothesEncounter then go ahead and subscribe to her You Tube channel. KISSSSS


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