Chloe Gibert-Fashion Profile Interview

Hey Besties,

Since this is June it seemed more than appropriate  to have an interview with an amazing young blogger who shares her fashion secrets, tips and even inspiration .Teen Cult introduces you to   the Lovely Chloe Gibert who is doing  just that through  her blog “The Way I C it” .We hope you enjoy this  rad interview we were honored to have with her.

I Woke Up Like This 2


1. Can you please tell us about your personal fashion story? (It could be about anything good or bad)

Funny story, my fashion story began when I was about 2 or 3. My mom began buying me purses and jewelry at the age of 2 and by the time I was 5, I had accumulated my very own purse and jewelry collection. As a matter of fact, my mom told me a story about how I came into our classroom, I was home schooled, in a feather boa, necklace, earrings, and little high heels from Mexican town saying, “I’m ready for school”. Haha so basically it’s safe to say fashion and I have always been friends. I made four outfit changes a day….in elementary school haha…talk about runway ready…over time I developed a sense of fashion and finding items from different stores that matched perfectly. Eventually I stopped trying to be so matchy-matchy and moved to color blocking. Now I wear whatever I want! Fashion is whatever you make it.


2. What inspired you to create your own blog?

A mixture of my love for writing, fashion and scrapbooking! I absolutely love writing and after years of people asking me how I put an outfit together I decided documenting my outfits on Instagram would be a good idea. Eventually I realized that would become slightly complicated once I left for school and no longer had time to wear 4in heels just for fun. And since I wanted to document my college years…..BOOM. How about a website/blog!? Blogging is just an internet scrapbook that is more easily shared. The blog is just as much for me as it is for everyone else. I wanted to make it about my favorite things, so obviously fashion is a major part!

3. If the mall was your Closet what store or Stores would you always be in?

Forever 21. Nordstrom. Banana Republic. Nordstrom Rack. Steve Madden! Aldo. And Target lol I am outright infatuated Target v-necks! I have at least 2 of each color.

White Dress

4. What is your favorite clothing item that you own?

I would definitely have to say my black, Iron Man sleeveless hoodie…and my Spider-Man jersey….and anything white. Although, typically that item changes because I believe that all clothes need an equal amount of love and affection. If you love your clothes, your clothes will love you! …but something superhero will always be in my favorite items. (Mainly because I believe there’s a hero in all of us)

5. If you could wear only one bold statement piece with an outfit, what would it be?

A blazer! I am completely and utterly obsessed with the form, flexibility and wide-spread options in blazers. I have blazers in all colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. I even have blazers in the same color, just styled differently with alternate accent colors. I believe that blazers are the perfect set it off item for pretty much any outfit.

6. Flats or Heels?

Heels!  They make me feel like a lady 

Iron Man 1

7. Does anyone inspire your style? If so who and why?

Honestly, everyone inspires me! Synonyms for inspire are “stimulate, encourage, and motivate”. I see things that stimulate my fashion sense every day! And when I see other people stepping out of their comfort zone and trying new things, I’m encouraged and motivated to do the same. Even when I’m the one encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone, I usually end up motivated to do the same. Everyone is inspiration in their own way!

8. What would be your advice for someone who wants to start their own style blog?

One, know why you want to start a style blog. Two, don’t sway from your motivation to start your blog because of others ideas or input. Just build and tweak based on the input that you receive. Three, look at the blogs that people, and you, like and find a way to be different. Don’t just be another blog doing the same ol’ same ol’, show the world wide web that you’re capable of original ideas and thoughts. Don’t be a mimic. Show us how originally YOU, you are! Four, pick your target audience and speak to them with every word key stroke on your keyboard and send every photo you post on a mission to inspire.

9. Have you learned anything from your style from over the past years? If so what? (If you don’t mind telling us)

I’ve learned to wear what looks good on me. I know that sounds a bit elementary, but I think that sometimes we become so infatuated with what looks good on another person that we try to copy them rather than just going out and finding that WOW item for ourselves. Everyone’s wow item isn’t going to be same, so go find yours! I’ve also learned that if you’re not sure….don’t wear it. Wearing what’s comfortable to you and for you, is always the best choice.

Looney Tunes 2


Hey do you love Chloe Just as much as we do? Then feel free to visit and follow her on all of her social media sites!

Instagram- @chloegibert

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