Simple And Easy Eye Shadow Look for Everyday

When I’m in a rush or just don’t feel like taking a lot of time on my makeup I have a couple tricks I use so i can put on my makeup but still have it look good. Today I’ll tell you how to do a simple eye shadow look that is quick and can be reused over and over and never be the same.eye shadow

First you are going to need 3 colors. A highlight(the lightest color, usually a pearl color with a shimmer), A crease (This color should be the darkest, maybe a brown, if you are going for a bold eye you could use black), and a lid color(this should be the color you are showcasing or just a happy medium between the crease color and the highlight) . *Remember the How to balance your look! post* Then your favorite brush to apply eye shadow (I use a blending brush).

First, you are going to apply the lid color. Put the color on just your lid. completely color in the whole eyelid. make sure not to go past your crease.

Next, you are going to apply the highlight. This should be applied on your brow bone (right below your eye brow) and the the very inner eye. That’s it!

Last, the crease color. Brush the crease color back and forth across the crease of tour eye. concentrate most of the strokes on the outer part of the crease and drag the color inward. Continue to blend until you think it looks the way you want it.

And that’s it! You can change the colors for different looks and play with the technique to best fit you and your eye shape.





Love you!


Questions? ideas? comments?

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