Andrea Russett Inspired Eye Makeup Look

So the other day I was on Andrea Russett’s beauty channel and I saw she had an old makeup tutorial so I watched and gave it a try. I like the way this look makes your eyes pop and how simple it is, so I’m going to share how to get this look.

What you’ll need:
-Silver Eyeshadow
-Black Eyeliner

First you want to apply the silver eyeshadow all over your lid. Make sure it’s an even coat and don’t over do it.

Next, you want to take your eyeliner (preferably liquid or gel) and make line your upper lid (make the line a little thick) *OPTIONAL* you can make a little wing if you want.

Then, take your eyeliner (preferably pencil or gel) and line right under your water line but only go halfway. The reason you should use a gel or pencil eyeliner is because you should rub the line you just made and make it smudgy and if it is to smudged you can easily rub and make the line thinner.

Last, you want to take a thin brush and put silver eyeshadow and apply it under your waterline where you didn’t put the eyeliner to create a gradient. Also put it around the corner of your inner eye to add highlight. Then, apply your favorite mascara and enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

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