Nail Art Tips and Tricks

I hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July!

Today I will be sharing some easy ways to do awesome nails.


1. Tape: To add clean lines and sharp edges there is a secret when it comes to nails… Use tape! Just make sure the coat you are putting the tape on is completely dry because you don’t want the tape to take it off when you remove the tape.nail-tape

2. Glue: I know when I paint my nails, I always end up getting some on my skin. A great way to keep that from happening is glue. Apply liquid glue around your nail on the skin and let it dry. After your done painting your nails just peel the glue off! nail-glue

3. Glitter: You can apply glitter to your nails easily with simply applying top coat and then dipping your finger into the glitter and cleaning up around the edges! No more but glitter nail polish!


4. Cold Water: One of the biggest reasons I don’t paint my nails sometimes is because of the waiting for the nail polish to dry. One easy way to make your nail polish it harden much faster is to put them in ice cold water. when you take them out just blow off any water droplets.nails-water


I hope these tips helped you spark some creative ideas and made nail art easier to do. Have a great weekend!

Love you!,














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