The Secret of Confidence! -Jaymin Thomas

Hey Outcasts,

Before you read today’s quest post we would like to introduce to everyone Teen Cultures good friend Jaymin! We know him as an amazing person who shows confidence where ever he goes. So we were able to ask him to write this post regarding what is his secret to having pretty much ULTIMATE confidence, especially as a high school student. We hope you enjoy this first Guest post.




Hey everyone you know what time it is? It’s time for Jaymin’s first post. Are you excited? I am really really REALLY excited. I have something to offer you all. The secret to feel success, the secret to feel the best you possible can be. The secret is confidence. That moment when you really like your outfit and no one can tell you otherwise, or when you know you are about to pass a test that you studied for. Now I will give you 3 simple but important tips to have that feeling everyday of your wonderful life. Now mind you, don’t get confidence and cockiness confused. Don’t be a jerk to everyone. Alright are you all ready my outsiders/royal friends. Here we go

1) Always tell yourself that you are awesome(I mean why wouldn’t you because it’s true).

Never ever EVER let anyone tell you you are not awesome. You bring something to the table that no one else can even match. Always feel fierce.


2) If you like something, rock it

Always show off your unique style. Wear what ever you want to wear. Words of Rupaul “now sissy that walk”. Have a one man/women fashion show. Bless the Earth with the style you have. When you are confident, people sometimes will look at you and will try to take a little bit of what you have.


3) Never hold back on your potential always so your talents.

Everyone is special in their own way. That may sound over used but it’s true. Always show what you can do. Love your talents also, if you are good at something, it can help with your future. Blog post to world connection. This one girl talent was twerking, she got on America’s Got Talent. This is the perfect example of someone not holding back their talent. Here is the link


Background information: My name is Jaymin Thomas. I’m 17 years old and a senior in high-school. I am a professional hood rat, King Jaymin if the lands called RATCHET. I am going to school for theatre(acting and costume design) cosmetology, clothes design, real-estate and fashion. I love to dye my hair, I have been about 5+ colors and a million color combinations going from burgundy to orange to blonde to blue and even pink with every color in between. I love indie and alternative rock. (Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, The Virgins, Rudimental to name a few). Fashion is my passion yasssssss boo yassss. I think of my style is like really preppy with a wanna be grudge look. I am the biggest joke on Earth, I can make anyone laugh. I wanted to write about confidence because growing up, I wasn’t confident at all. I struggled with it a lot so I understand and I wanted to help my fellow outsiders. On teencult, I hope to bring something different to the table. I might have a youtube channel but the way my technology is set up, nah. Just letting time do it’s thing you know what I mean. Thank you all for reading my post, always give me feedback on my twitter and Instagram and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

See ya loves.

Well everyone if you love Jaymin as much as we do then feel free to follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Bye and we will see you on Monday with another post from Aerin.

Instagram: jayminnnnnnn

Twitter: jayminnnnnnn


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