Jeffrey Campbell Lula shoe review

So, I decided it was high time I braved the world of high heels: the world where I could go from average height to tall enough to (finally) reach the top shelf of the kitchen cabinets. Though I probably should have picked a shoe better suited for a newbie to all things high heels rather than the monstrous  Jeffrey Campbell Lulas. tc3 Everything was peaches and cream when my babies arrived. I was quick to get them out of their shipping box; So much so that I forgot to take a picture of the shoes when they arrived. If it’s any consolation I do have a picture of the shoe box they currently reside in. The box is extremely adorable and mucho grande. tc4

When I opened the box my eyes didn’t behold the shoes like I initially thought they would. They beheld the shoes clad in dust bags, which weird enough I was excited about. I pulled the pure white bags off the shoes faster than you could say Teen Culture

. tc5

The shoes are gorgeous, but at the time I was a bit taken aback by how massive they are. It was after all my first time seeing, and owning a shoe bigger than my head and that’s saying a lot considering I’m the girl who owns a pair of 90s inspired flatforms

. TC1

The Jeffrey Campbell Lula’s are well made and have amazing details. The shoes have a 6″ heel and 3.5″ platform that is made of real wood. These pumps are covered in soft suede and are true to size. They have silver studs that seem to be screwed in opposed to glued on. The shoes have silver eyelets, and come with a sturdy pair of black laces that give this shoe a look that I just adore! TC2

I give this shoe a 7/10, because unfortunately some of the features that make this shoe great quality and look marvelous are the same features that make this shoe an absolute beast. The wooden platform/heel makes the shoe extremely large and more than a little heavy. The soft suede makes this shoe high maintenance; luckily there is a leather option, I recommend (if you plan to buy Lula or any other Jeff) purchasing it instead. Other than these problems I do like my shoes and have enjoyed wearing these giant monsters.

Want these gorgeous monsters?Then click the link down below Link:    



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