Managing Frequently Dyed Hair

Hey guys,

If you don’t already know this about me I have had a lot of experience dying my own and others hair. I have dyed my hair over 20 times and have made more than a few mistakes in the process. And its not easy having hair that has been (and probably will still be) dyed. Managing and taking care of your hair takes skill as well.

If you are new to the hair dye world let me let you in on some facts:

Your hair will change- Dying your hair crazy and cool colors comes at a price. You hair often becomes dry and may start to break off at the ends. Especially if you use heat on a regular basis to do your hair, so its a good idea to invest in a heat protective serum. Also, if you dye hair you may never get to get your exact natural color back. Your natural hair may be very complicated and hard to achieve exactly with hair dye. The texture of you hair will change as you dye your hair. Hair dye, especially hair bleach, stunts hair growth.

It’s expensive- Depending on how long your hair is, you may need more than one box of hair dye (if you are doing it at home). Hair dye goes from $5-$25 depending on what you want and how long you want it to last.

It’s not perfect all the time- I cant tell you how many times I have really messed up my hair and even have been in tears on the mistake I made, this ties in with expenses also because with a lot of mistake you are going to need more hair dye. Even in salons things can go wrong. That is why I do my own hair because I know what I want so I can make it more ME (if that made any sense).

The last thing I want to do is make you scared of hair dye because its not all bad all the time either. I am addicted with dying my hair because its fun, creative and makes me feel refreshed because I’m the kind of person who likes changes in myself. And it almost always worth it. For example, I spent well over “$25” dollars in hair dye in a few months for 3 new hair styles and colors and I did them all myself and i was incredibly proud of myself. And if you ask me what my favorite hair colors were they are going to be the ones I did completely on my own.

But anyways, getting back to the title taking care of your damaged hair is important so here are somethings I suggest:

-Make your own hair treatment: Avocado, mayonnaise, egg whites… they are all good for your hair. try some and leave them in your hair for a while the rinse and wash!

-Take a break: Pick a color that is close to your natural color (so it doesn’t look weird when your hair grows) and take a break for dying your hair.

-Trim regularly: split ends are hair to manage so just give the ends of your hair a little  trim ever once in a while to take care of them.

Or you can do what I do. I have fun with my hair and different colors then I dye it one last time and I cut ALL of then dead parts of my hair and for a year or so I keep the heat on the real down low until I have my grow to the length I want it. My hair is currently brown and is on its way to being hip length. Its  big commitment and at times all I want to do is dye it but I cant wait to have super long hair again!

Hope you had some fun reading this and sorry its so late:c

Love you!,





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