Shoe Cult:Shoes that are truly outrageous

So, I kind of have a thing for unique shoes—seriously how could one not—they can bring life to a dull or basic wardrobe and add that pop of color to more monotone outfits. Here are some shoes that are truly outrageous and worth every penny.


The ultra-comfy, ultra-sturdy (trust me, they are) Y.R.U flatforms in gold made it to the top of my outrageous shoes list. Flatforms have recently made a comeback in my wardrobe: Will these sky high babes make a comeback in yours? If they are, I’ve got you covered sale links below.




Coming in at number two on my list are the Y.R.U Glitter Charll. These rad shoes have a hidden velcro opening under the heel that you can open up to fill your shoe with just about anything. Who doesn’t want a shoe where you can conveniently stash candy in at any given moment?




The ever so fierce Vernish The Dragon heels by Privileged claims the third spot on the outrageous shoes list. The blocked heels, giant studs, and multicolored fabric makes this shoe a showstopper indeed. You can purchase a pair of these dolls by using the link below or a store of your choice.

These sweet kicks with their gladiator style and iridescent fabric snagged a place in the outrageous shoes club for sure. The brand privileged knew what they were doing when they took this classic style and paired it up with a fabric to create the must-have Chariot Rambler Calf High Sandal.




The forever cute Y.R.U Bunny lavish flat ends my outrageous shoes list taking its rightful place as outrageous shoe #5.This shoe is super comfortable and will definitely catch the eye of those around you.





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