Summer Ends, Fall’s Revenge-Ashley Norment

Now that summer is coming to an end ( even though here in Michigan we didn’t have much of a
summer anyway) I don’t want you fashionistas to give up on all of your Summer clothes. You’re
probably like me, as soon as you knew summer was approaching you stocked up on all the cute
clothes you could find right? And now that fall is approaching faster than we expected, your
probably thinking, “Now what do I do with all of my summer clothes?” We’ll I come to bring good
news, you can still wear those cute summer pieces!
How? Well, there are many summer pieces that can easily transition to fall. Here are a few tips
on how to make the most out of your summer wardrobe for the fall season.
Who Wears Short Shorts?
You do, of course. Shorts are a staple piece throughout summer and fall usually means put
them away for next summer. Not this season! Don’t put your shorts away just yet, you can still
rock them by simply putting tights on underneath. This look is very edgy and you won’t look
crazy because tights are very appropriate for the fall and they’re trendy since they come in all
colors and designs. Not to mention during those chilly days, they’ll keep you warm.
Screenshot_2014-08-04-12-55-08-1 (1)
Don’t Crop Out the Crop Tops!
Crop tops were hot this summer, and it seems like we hate to put them away since the end is
near. No not the world but summer is ending (LOL). No need to fret, you can easily transition by
pairing your crop top with a biker jacket. Since fringe is in, a fringe leather jacket will be perfect.
Or even a long thin trench coat from Since the trench coat is thin, it’s perfect for
fall wear. Pair with your favorite boyfriend jean, heels or even a cool pair of Chuck Taylor
sneakers. You’ll love this comfy, casual, and cute look!
Screenshot_2014-08-04-12-55-37-1 (1)
Don’t Be Closed Minded When It Comes to Open Toe Shoes
A lot of times when fall rolls around we think boot season. But I’m in not ready to box up my
open toe shoes just yet. Fall weather goes from comfy to chilly with in a month or so. During the
comfy period open toe shoes are a go! But if you’re worried about open toes in the fall, a cute
sock will do. You can rock this open toe shoe/sock combination with your favorite midi skirt. It’s
flirty and fashion forward. Pair it with a cute oversized sweater, slouch the sleeves, and a cute
fall lip to top it off. This look is EVERYTHING!
Screenshot_2014-08-04-12-55-58-1 (1)
Don’t Take It Off, Layer It On!
We all have our favorite summer shirt. And depending on the type of shirt, it might not be quite
appropriate while transitioning into fall. So don’t take it off, just layer it! There is no wrong way to
layer, that’s the beauty of it all… Well, I take that back. Do not, I repeat Do not wear a tank over
a long sleeve shirt ( It’s wrong, all wrong! LOL). But a simple and cute layering ensemble would
be a screen tee, a cute button-up shirt/blouse over it (half way buttoned and slightly tucked on
one side) with a cardigan to layer over it all. Find your favorite distressed skinny jean, and
platform heel and you’ll be the queen of casual chic. My favorite part of Fall is layering. I can
never get enough of it.
Screenshot_2014-08-04-12-56-33-1 (1)
Max Out Your Maxi Dress!
Get the most out of your maxi dress by trying different fall staple pieces. Things that scream fall
are chiffon scarves, thin waist belts, jackets, and boots just to name a few. Maxi dresses
definitely kept us cool on those hot summer days but the flow of the dress doesn’t have to stop
there. Fall is about going with the flow, so why not transition it? Get your favorite maxi dress,
and a funky boot (whether it’s a bootie, platform boot, or tall boot) a waist belt and you’re
favorite fedora. This bohemian chic style will have you falling in love with fall all over again.
Get the most wear out of your closet. Transitioning seasons doesn’t necessarily mean get rid of
the old and make room for the new. Not only will you be a trend setter, but saving money is a
plus as well! We all love to save cash, so transition away. Have fun and remember summer
ends means fall’s revenge!
Want more of Ashley’s great fashion tips and tricks?Then you’ve got to check out the links below.

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