Homemade Spa!

Summer is ending and school is coming up. Back to school means back to homework, exams and if you’re like me back to people. With the school year comes a little thing called stress and today I am going to show you a way I like to unwind when I’m stressed. A homemade foot soak and scrub.


What you’ll need:

-A plastic tub (big enough to put your feet in)

-Epsom salt

-2 table spoons of any oil

-1 cup of sugar

-your favorite scented oil

-a towel


Add the sugar, and the oils to a bowl and mix evenly (the sugar should not be dissolved), This is the scrub and it makes your feet amazingly smooth. 

Next, fill the tub with warm water (but only about half way because you will be putting your feet in it and you don’t want it to overflow). Then, add the Epsom salt.

Then put your feet in the tub and wait until they have had a good time to soak. Whenever you think is a good time put a little bit of the scrub in your hands and rub it over your feet. After put your feet back in the water and soak just a little longer. 

After you are finished, dry you feet with the towel and your feet will be silky smooth. I love doing this. Its so relaxing and it makes my feet so soft.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!



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