O.O.T.D with N’sara:Hit or miss

Hey outcast,

Todays outfit was all about sequins,glitter and big hair.I painted my lids with a matte black and shimmery oranges;fluffed up my hair and, pulled out the sequin covered skirt that had been laying dormant in my closet for more than a fortnight.


Wearing only a skirt isn’t socially acceptable and I’m honestly (VERY!) okay with that.I ended up pairing the skirt with another neglected piece from my wardrobe and those awesome flatforms I told you guys about. Flatform review link:https://teencult.wordpress.com/tag/teencuture/


I totally feel like a rocker in this 80s inspired getup.Was my try at reviving some old clothing articles a hit or a miss for you guys?


For those of you who didn’t know, TeenCulture has a lookbook.nu. If you have an account you should definitely checkout our profile. I have already begun posting O.O.T.D on the lookbook site so if your interested in seeing more outfits you can.

Teencult lookbook link:http://lookbook.nu/teenculture

Thanks for reading.



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