Style Icon: Stevie Nicks

One of the leading ladies for the popular band Fleetwood Mac stood with with her unique yet impressive wardrobe. Stevie Nicks became a household name around the world in the early ’70s. Her style was a mix between hippie/bohemian and an edgy gothic look. Her style combined with her classic hit song “Rhiannon” caused people to suspect that she may be a witch. This fact shows how different Stevie’s style was that set her apart from other singers and fashion icons of her time. Her black flowing skirts, dresses, scarves, and top hat were few of many trademarks that Stevie made popular. Her look is now becoming stylish in 2014. Current Pop stars Katy Perry and Lorde are two examples of famous artists that have tried out Stevie’s dark yet stunning look. Here are some ideas to make what Stevie made famous in the ’70s-80s relevant to teens today.

download (19)


Love her colorful skirt and fancy blouse. 


The beading on this shirt or dress outfit is trademark Stevie and has a stunning design. 

images (11)

Stevie with her trademark black hat. 


This skirt from Urban Outfitters is very modern Stevie and perfect to shake things up with your wardrobe.




I love this Kimono Top from Nasty Gal. It has the bohemian vibe but at the same time has a modern and trendy feel.



This gorgeous trendy dress from ASOS has a preppy look to it. However, no need to fear because…

download (20)

This black wrap around shawl will give the dress a more Stevie vibe without being outdated.




download (21)


This simplistic beanie from Urban Outfitters is a more modern match for the top hat’s Stevie rocked.

So there it is, a deeper look into the outfits of icon Stevie Nicks. Above all, what made her remarkable was that she wasn’t afraid to stand out. No matter what you wear, be sure that you’re wearing it for you! As you go back to school, think about the outfits that you love and never worry about what people might think about it. I hope these modern takes on Stevie’s style is able to get you started. 




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