Fall Inspired Color Palette!

Hey Outcasts,

The past couple days I have been experimenting with different colors and different combinations with my eye shadow to try and come up with some cute and  complimenting colors for the fall season. So we all with fall come school, but hey, lets focus on the beautiful things that happen in fall. In the fall all the colors around you start to change. When you think of fall you probably picture something like this:


And most of the time we change our wardrobe during the fall as well. no more wearing those shorts and crop top, now you adapt to what are you seeing around you. Its also time to break out those leggings and flannels! When you change what you are wearing on your body you should change your makeup so you aren’t fall on your body and summer on your face:D 

The colors I found that I liked the most were copper colors, browns and tans. I’d even put hints of reds and yellows and anything in between to add accents to the look. Then add eyeliner if you want and mascara. To see an easy way to apply eye shadow Click Here.


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