Arbonne Product Review!

Hey Outcasts! Recently I went to a spa party and there we used some of Arbonne’s products.Displaying photo 1.JPG Really liking the products I decided to order a little something for myself, so I ordered their Makeup Primer. When it arrived I was so happy because at the party i was just loving the way the products worked so instantly with just one application. I opened the box and my primer was their along with a free sample of their Rejuvenating Cream! (not that I need to use it, I’m not that old yet!:D) but it was so nice. The packaging of the products is so nice and just one pump of the primer covered my entire face and it was so silky and smooth it was amazing! I highly recommend getting some of their products or hosting a party with them because there are benefits for you in that also. The people i met from their were very friendly and excited about their products and weren’t just in it for the money. Their products are beautifully made and really do work. Price wise they are a little pricey but I paid about $30 dollars for my primer and I estimate it is going to last me a good 6 months AT THE LEAST. If you would like to visit their website click here. Their are no harsh chemicals in the product so it is GREAT on sensitive skin:) All in all its just a great company and I hope you like it as much as I do.

Displaying photo 2.JPG

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Love you,



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