UPDATE! Labor Day, The Jungle and School! WHAT

Hey Outcasts!

Hey everyone like promised we are having Mondays Update over teen culture Magazine. So shall we begin! So for starters I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day! If you take pictures of what you did you could possibly be in our new Magazine! Yes I said new magazine, teen culture will be starting back publishing issues! Whattttt. I’m so excited for this advancement, We all believed it was time to start the magazine again. It will be called Teen Cult Mini! meaning the magazine for the start will not be full mag size, but it will be mini until further notices. The Jungle! Really yes aka school. Ha! So as we all know school is starting back It will break our hearts to not be able to sleep in anymore. Thats okay this months theme will be all about Teen Spirit! So don’t worry we have your back the entire school year. Thats all for this week we love you all so much and stay tuned because we have some amazing things planned for this month. By the way were holding a HUGE SECRET!





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