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I recently discovered a new online makeup brand and had to share my love for it with you. Their products are amazing quality at bargain products, what more could girls want? I know for a bit of a beauty junkie like me this is ideal, as I love to be able to try out products, and if they are inexpensive this can be done. Check out their site : 


The first thing I tested out, was two out of their range of eye shadow palettes. These palettes love very similar to the Urban Decay Naked 1, as the colours are similar and range from light to dark. However these are a fraction of the price and in my opinion just as good!

camera 155

Nudes : 

The eye shadows are all a subtle shimmer. The lightest is a pale cream colour, ideal for highlighting under the brow bone and the inside corner of your eye to brighten. There is one shade of pink, which I would describe as a dusty pink, I combined this with the lightest brown to make a pink/brown smoky eye.  There is a softer brown next, which I would say is an ash brown colour, much lighter than the one next to it. The darkest colour in the NUDES palette is a shimmery black, that would work very well with the Ash brown and the light cream. This is ideal for everyday use and can be mixed with some of the darker shades on the right for a more glamourous evening look. I would 100% recommend and for £1.49 who can refuse?

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The Smokey palette is perfect for winter. I put these on and felt like I was an ice queen in Narnia, it was wonderful. The lightest is a bright pale silver that shimmers, ideal for highlighting under the brow bone and inside the corner of the eye. The next colour is a silver crossed with an ice blue, this combined with the pale silver is a match made in heaven! The palette then continues with a brighter ice blue, which works perfectly with the dark silver next to it, this makes the perfect smokey eye I have ever seen. The next colours are the ones to go on your crease, just to add that dramatic effect to your eye make up. This look is perfect for a night out or just whenever you feel like being glamorous. I can’t wait to see how many different looks I can create with these eye shadows. Let me know your favourite colours.

Buy here :

Technic Monster Lash Mascara

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I have been looking for a mascara with a curved brush for so long, so when I finally found this I was so excited. The brush ensures you can get right up to the waterline of your lashes, which does wonders for adding extra length to your lashes. I found this mascara was perfect for curling your lashes, if you hold on the base for a while, wiggle it backwards and forwards then drag it up and bend, the curls it leaves are fabulous. Hello big bright eyes! I used to be a girl who would only buy the most expensive mascara’s, but I have just been converted, thank you Love Thy Make up. 


camera 162

Go over to their site and have a browse. A little new make up never hurt anybody! Plus it’s the weekend.


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