What is Lip Venom?

Hey Outcasts,
While doing some research I ran into a trend that had never heard of and that was Lip Venom. Basically, Lip Venom contains oils like peppermint, or cinnamon which act as an irritant to the skin. The body’s natural response is to send blood to stabilize the area, also known as swelling. The swelling creates the illusion that your lips are more plump and has an enhanced natural color.

I have watched and read multiple reviews on multiple different brands of this product and the same thing keeps popping up. When you use the product you will feel a tingling or a light burning sensation. To me it just reminds me what some of us girls will do to feel pretty. Before I share an easy way to make it without digging out $20 from your pocket I will advice you to use it on special occasions. Everyday use is not something you do with a product like this, and its not just me saying this because it does trigger a defensive act from body, the product WILL STOP to work if you use it regularly. Your body will develop an immunity to the product and you will get no result.

What you will need:pinklips2
-A lip gloss of your choice
-A scented oil (mints or cinnamon)

Add only a couple of drops to the lip gloss. and then mix it. and that’s pretty much it. Lip venom.


And if I may add.. No one needs this to be beautiful!


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