Mes Memos- Interview 2014

Hey outcast,
So as you all know every month we have a new interview with an amazing person that Teen Culture Magazine loves! Teen Spirit is this months theme, why not read an interview from an amazing teen, who is making things happen in her life. I would love to introduce Nora, from Mes Memos all her links will be at the end of the interview. Remember the interviews Teen Culture post are to encourage you more and more each day. Love you all so much and thanks for Supporting us all this way.
kockas7 másolata

 festival3 m├ísolata
TC:Have you ever had any doubt in your fashion sense? If so how did you overcome it?

MM:Yes, but I think most of us have been there. In my opinion, the best idea would be to keep experimenting and trying out new things.
TC:Do you have any advice for people facing fashion anxiety?

MM:Always wear what you want to wear and you feel comfortable wearing!
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TC:If you could have a store as your fairy god mother what store would it be?
MM:I’d probably be selling vintage clothing and vintage items with cute animal prints on them.
TC:How would you describe your style?
MM:I’d say it’s pretty diverse – one day I feel like dressing up in pink skirt with a bunny shirt but maybe the next day I find myself wearing a head to toe full black outfit.
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TC:Is there a post on the Teen Cult blog that you can relate to? Which one and why?
MM:Yes, I really liked the ‘How to get rid of dark circles one’. I have to get up very early for school so having constant dark circles is something I struggle with throughout the whole year.
TC:What do you hope to gain or obtain through your blog/lookbook experience?
MM:I didn’t really get myself into blogging hoping I’d gain something out of it to be honest, but 
meeting some many amazing people thanks to all of it is definitely the best thing I could have obtained.
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If you love Nora as much as we do then visit her blog here:



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