Music Cult Alert! Blame

Hey everyone, guess who’s back. JAYMIN IS!
Oh it’s been a while since I made a post and I feel bad. I’ve been busy with like life and like stuff. So honestly I don’t know what I should do for teencult.
Like Britney is our beauty expert, Alice does music and then it’s Jaymin. What should I write about? I honestly don’t know. Just anything comes to mind. So I am the self titled executive producer of randomness.
My life is more random than creative. So with that being said, when I make post, it will be about anything and everything I’m thinking and feeling so yeah.
Today’s post is kind of about a song, yes Alice I said song.

It’s going to be about the new smash it “blame” by Calvin Harris featuring John Newman. Links will be below.

I feel that everyone knows about Calvin Harris but if not, he is a Dj who makes wonderful music. All of his videos are interesting and if you watch all the videos from one album, it tells kind of a story with is AMAZING.

John Newman is kind of new to the mainstream music. Last year this time he got famous for his song “love me again”. Everyone was making covers of it, X factor like last season used that song for the final two to perform. But he was in music long before. The first major song he was in wasn’t even his. It was a Rudimental song called “feel the love”. He is British so like his friend Sam Smith, not scared to use his strong vocals and strong feelings. He has been named the “male version of Amy Whinehouse”.
Personally I like European singers and bands more than Americans. Like they can use their feelings to make smash hits.

No shade, I would rather listen to Sam Smith get rejected than Fifth Harmony being materialistic talking about them being a boss or bo$$. That’s just me, if you like that go head boo I’m not stopping you there. Love your music, your music is your music.

Back to ‘blame’, it’s just like a regular Calvin Harris song, just AMAZING. I don’t want to give too much information I want you all to experience the greatness.

Calvin Harris: blame ft John Newman
John Newman: feel the love

Rudimental: feel the love

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Instagram: jayminnnnnnn


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