My thoughts on…

  • Going to University
  • Taking a Gap year
  • Going straight into work

So in your second year of college you are suddenly expected to know exactly what you want to do with your life and what the next year will have in store for you. For most people (including myself) they just have this vague idea of a career they might like to do in the future ( which in your head seems many years away). So when told you need to start making a UCAS statement or looking for jobs, all can get a little stressful!

I always knew I wanted to go into primary education, but after looking into the entry requirements, I soon realised this may not be an achievable aim at this point in my life, I was very confused for many months and you really have little guidance from anyone else, as its YOUR future, everyone would keep reminding me. So I chose to do a childhood studies course, I thought would be similar, just a slower route into the job I wanted ( HAHA) However in September last year, I discovered this was not the case, this was not the course for me and not the jobs I could ever see myself doing, So after months of misery and feeling like I had ruined my life, I decided to apply through UCAS for a different degree at a different university, luckily for me I got accepted and this month I start. Although this year has not been what I expected and I have in some sense taken a gap year? I would say its changed me as a person. I have gained so much more confidence and self belief and I have realised not to let something silly like entry requirements let anyone take my dreams away.

What I would tell myself back In college

  • Do not pick a university course just because you want a degree – 3 years is a long time to suffer! plus university is a very hard to thing to get out off ( including the fee and loan aspect) so make sure you are 100% sure.
  • If the thought of a gap year crosses your mind, take it! I think its a sign that you may not be ready or have enough self knowledge to know where you want to take your life, so take a year out to really find yourself.
  • Its ok to make mistakes and its ok to change your mind – If you are not happy in the choice you’ve chosen, change it. do not suffer in silence. talk to people.

So here I am a year behind everyone else, £9000 owed on a course I didn’t enjoy, about to be a fresher for the second time but a more confident, independent, self assured person, so not every mistake is all bad.


I hope this has provided some comfort for you,


if you have any questions, please leave a comment.


love Girlinthelilacdress x



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