Designer Profile: Kris Jane!

Hey Outcasts,

Guess what if you have been reading Teen Culture for other the past year or so then you could probably remember when we started our “Designer Profile” So this week we have another. Although these are very rare for us to do, we think its an amazing way to share new talent and designs from around the world! This week Teen Culture received an email from Kris Jane from HK! Its so cool. Anyhow we took a look at there website, as well as their amazing designer brand. So Super duper exciting. Without further or do let me introduce you all to Kris Jane a designer brand.



 Kris Jane’s designs reflect a combination of elegant silhouette and a courageous experimentation with colors. Ever since Kris’s studies in Istituto Marangoni Milan campus, it has been her obsession to create her own prints. Since then, there was little doubt that fashion was going to be her one true passion in life. Kris created her own label in May 2012 in Hong Kong. She was fortunate enough, especially during her time in Europe, to travel extensively and be exposed to a multitude of cultures. She has never limited herself to one particular area of interest, which allows her to be appealing to a variety of different audiences. From inspiration to design to creating garments which compliments the female body, Kris believes that fashion should be art, but above all should be wearable. Therefore, a woman who wears Kris Jane is someone who is confident in herself, persistent in her pursuits, and of course, someone who makes an effort in making a statement but is always elegant no matter what she puts on.

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Kris Jane was born into a family of a fashion designer mother and a professor father. Kris received a BA degree in International Relations at the Boston University. She had her fashion education in Fashion Illustration and Pattern Making at the Massachusetts College of Art before advancing her fashion studies and receiving her fashion design diploma at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy.Graduating from the design course, Kris shifted her focus from freelance design works to her own label in Hong Kong. She completed her first collection in 2012 after working for a brand consultancy firm with accounts like Silvian Heach, Krizia, and Xagon Man. Her first collection mostly maintained a very lady-like silhouette featuring A-line shapes and peplum dresses. Her digital prints pieces, however, have a contemporary vibe and
are youthful occasion-wear items.For this collection “ Lance & Lilies”, Kris Jane looks to medieval armor and florals for
inspiration. It’s a kind of futuristic nostalgia. The mythical past is then re-imagined with romanticism. Our heroine is every bit as real, as feisty and as glamorous as our female warrior. As a result, the collection is a rather playful interaction of the rigid silhouette of the armor and the softness of spring florals. Prints are met with new shapes and construction.

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So if you love Kris Jane as much as we do then click this link to visit their website!



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