How to Help Your Hair Grow (No Gooey Mess)!

Hey everyone!

So lately I’ve been getting kind of impatient waiting for my hair to grow. Last year I set a goal for myself not to dye my hair until it has grown to at least my waist (and if you know anything about me you know I’m addicted to dying my hair). It has grown a little bit but I REALLY want to try new hair colors. So the other day, while talking to my mom, I was telling her how I really want to dye my hair but I am getting tired of how slow it is going and she said that their is a way(naturally) to get it to grow faster. Now, all that is going through my head is “oh she is going to make me whip up some weird gooey glb12op that I have to put in my hair every night”, and I am a forgetful person (also kinda lazy) and I didn’t want to do something like that. But she didn’t say anything like that she said “just take B12 everyday”. (my mother is a 2nd year nursing student so don’t think I’m taking her advice when I think she doesn’t know what she is talking about because she does:D)

For those who don’t know what B12 is here is a little lesson:

B12 is a vitamin that is found in some meats and some dairy products. It is one of the essential vitamins that your body needs to be healthy. The significance it has to hair growth is this: B12 helps the blood, specifically the formation of healthy red blood cells. And at the end of each follicle, blood vessels connect to  the root of the hair and deliver oxygen. Without adequate oxygen hair doesn’t usually sustain healthy growth.

So not only does it help hair growth but it will help HEALTHY hair grow! There are SO many other health benefits to having a sufficient amount of B12 on a day to day basis. You can get B12 in supplements but before you even think about getting them talk to your parents and/or you doctor first so there is no risk of anything, I always want you guys to be safe and healthy!

Love you!,

Brittanyugh i want this


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