The Ugly Truth- Social Media

What seems to drive the youth of today?  Well, this little thing called social media.  It seems as though your popularity isn’t based off of the type of person you are, but instead the quality of your selfies.  Your popularity isn’t based off of the amount of friends you have, but instead the amount of followers you have on Instagram.  Social media is a visual representation of how generations have evolved.  But social media isn’t just an outlet for selfies and pointless tweets but some people actually use it to make a living.  Social media has made a name for itself in society and it seems as if it’ll be around for a while.  I asked 3 girls and 3 guys questions about social media and this is what I got!

Female, 16.

1). Should I accept my parents/school friend request on Instagram or Twitter?

Well, ummm.  The morally correct answer would be yes but see it all depends.  If you have the cool parents, who are pretty hip to our generation then sure.  But if your parents are like mine, always questioning what you’re posting and always asking who you’re texting then I recommend you don’t.  That will only add more drama then you need into your life.  Now school on the other hand, NO!  Never.  Accept.  A.  School.  Account.  Request.  They watch your every move and they expect you to advertise your school.  It’s not worth it.  If you’re anything like me, I tend to complain about school on my Twitter and Instagram and I would not like my principal to witness that!

Male, 18.

2). How do I come onto a girl on social media without sounding thirsty?

I actually got this question from a couple of guys.  Guys, I promise you don’t sound thirsty.  It’s only two reasons a girl will say you’re thirsty.  One, they have about 20 guys commenting the same thing on their pictures so to the girl, y’all all seem to be thirsty, it’s not just you.  Secondly, the girl just might be a little snooty and she might be feeling herself that day.  So calling you thirsty can boost her confidence is a way.  But girls irritate me because they post pictures of themselves in booty shorts and a crop top and get angry when guys comment about their bodies.  Umm, hello!  You put it out there for the entire world to look at.  If you want guys to take you seriously, post a picture of you smiling and see if you get the same kind of comments.  So, in other words, it’s not you that’s thirsty most of the time, it’s the girl.  She’s thirsty for attention.

Female, 12.

3). My parents won’t let me make an Instagram.  What age should parents start letting kids use social medias?

Don’t I know that struggle.  I believe that this all depends on the maturity of the child.  Especially female children.  I think personally, the perfect age would be around 13-14 years old.  I believe this because I have personally learned that there are things you must experience in life before you make a social media account.  Such things as interactions with the opposite sex, common sense, and sometimes even being bullied.  Experiencing things like this online can be scarring.  Especially bullying and interaction with the opposite sex.  I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal but once you get sucked into the world of social media, a lot can go wrong.  So listen to your parents because sometimes they know what they’re talking about.  Don’t rush into social media.  It will always be here.

Male, 16.

4). Is online dating okay?

I personally believe it is okay for a little while.  Nowadays, sometimes social media is simply used as a way to find people to talk to.  It’s just another advantage of social media.  You even have sites that are used merely for online dating such as:,, eHarmony,, and etc.  But I don’t believe you should date online for over a year or two.  Eventually, you two have to meet.  What if you don’t like this person when you meet them?  What if they look different in person?  Then you would have wasted years in an online relationship.  Basically, dating sites should only be used to get to know a person, not conduct and maintain a longterm relationship.

Female, 18.

5). How do you make money using social media?

Well, I am not an expert on this subject and some of the things I suggest might not be 100% accurate.  But I do know that people who have a decent amount of followers on Instagram and Twitter can promote parties, events, clothing lines, and etc and that can earn you a bit of cash.  Some people use Instagram to sell stuff that they don’t need or stuff they can’t fit.  For example, people often times sell Jordans that they ordered in the wrong size on Instagram for a good profit.  And also people on YouTube and, I believe people on Vine, make a living off of the videos they make and the advertisements they allow to run during their videos.  They literally receive checks for creating creative videos. This is another way to make money.  Get some decent filming equipment, be a creative person, make a YouTube channel, and make some cash.  I hope this helped you!

Male, 19.

6). Why do so many girls catfish?

This answer is simple, girls are just not comfortable in their own skin.  They create these fake accounts so that they can experience what it’s like to be considered a ‘pretty’ or ‘sexy’ or ‘bad’ girl in this generation.  I think it’s sad that girls feel that they have to do this.  But, this is partly guys fault.  Nowadays, boys don’t see past the face or the body.  They love or like you for your outside appearance before they get to know who you are.  Boys are so stuck in this mindset of what they want, that they miss out on truly amazing girls.  “I want a blonde girl with long hair, blue eyes, who’s short, and has a nice butt.” “I want a light skin with curly hair, hazel eyes, curvy body, and who’s tall.”  Boys limit themselves to what they want and often see past the other girls.  So for all the brunette, tall girls and dark skin, weave wearing girl, they don’t stand a chance.  I know sometimes the world seems so small, but the world has 3 billion people in it.  Be patient girls, don’t pretend to be someone else before you give a guy the chance to love you for who you are. And guys don’t limit yourself.

My last piece of friendly advice before I leave you all is always be kind on social medias and always be yourself.  Don’t take advantage of social media and the people on it.  Make social media a part of your life but don’t let it consume your life.

Love & All,


Disclaimer: Teen Culture holds no rights to the Photos in this post.


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