8 Celebrity Fashion Icons Who Have Been Considered Freaks

Everyone has their own unique fashion sense. As a celebrity, your fashion choices are frequently monitored and debated. Here are some celebrities who weren’t afraid to share their sense of fashion with the world. These choices weren’t popular but they were what the celebrity loved.

1. Stevie Nicks

images (1)


Stevie Nicks took the world by storm in the 1970’s with her shawls, long cape like pieces, scarves, top hats, and everything else. The world believed that she dressed like a witch and a freak. Her style wasn’t socially accepted but it was dark and not happy, carefree, and hippie like. She brought something new to the table. The best thing about Stevie is that she’s always stayed true to herself even to this day! She still wears her iconic wardrobe.

2. Marilyn Monroe

download (2)

download (3)

Marilyn Monroe had flashy dresses and beautiful outfits everywhere she went. She was ahead of her time with all of the fashion designers that she wore before they were extremely popular. She’s a revolutionary icon because of how ahead of her time she was! She wasn’t afraid to take a chance.

3. Bianca Jagger

download (4)

download (5)

images (2)

Bianca made the turban and fancy hats extremely popular. She dressed classy and her style set her apart from her leading man, Mick Jagger. She wasn’t afraid to express herself through her awesome sense of style.

4. Courtney Love

images (3)

images (4)

Courtney Love is often seen as trashy but this grunge queen also has awesome style. She is the perfect mix of chic and grunge. I mean, just look at that first outfit.

5. Madonna
Madonna is known as a Material Girl. She’s also known for her funky fresh 80’s fashion that she made famous in the 80’s and 90’s. Madonna always took risks regardless of the outcome which is admirable.

6. Lorde


This teen was definitely inspired by Stevie Nicks. But Lorde brought back the 70’s goth look and made it more modern. Lorde made this cool again.

7. Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga is basically the poster child for freak fashion. But she’s also way unique. It’s a hard thing to describe but it’s still awesome how she’s not afraid to stand out from everyone else.

8. Katy Perry


Another modern weirdo so to speak. She has some crazy unique costumes that are also really girly and cute. She also manages to look classy and chic when she so wishes. I think her transitions depending on where she is are really awesome. She also seems really genuinely into what she’s wearing, not like they just hand her costumes and she doesn’t have an opinion about it.


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