DIY Makeup Brush Holder!

Hey everyone,

So my collection of makeup brushes have been growing and my cluttered makeup bag is just not working out. So today I will show a way to organized and store all your make up brushes in a easy and adorable way!

What you will need:

-Jar or small short vase (something to put the brushes in)

-Sand, beans, pebbles, rice, anything dry that will hold your brushes up

-Make up brushes!

*OPTIONAL* you can get some stick on letters to label the containers if you plan on making more than one holderPicture+11

It is super simple from here. All you need to do is fill the containers with whatever substance you chose and then stick the brushes in! also, you can get creative with this and paint your containers or use gemstones to add more color. You can make this completely personal and completely you!

diy-makeup-holder-coffee-beansI hope you guys enjoyed this little DIY!

Love you!,



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