Halloween Makeup Must-Haves!

Halloween is coming up and whatever you are going to be, whether you are going all out or if you are keeping it on the DL, you are probably going to need some kind of makeup. I will be shedding some light on some cool techniques and products that might help you give your costume just the right touch.


Don’t be afraid of picking out those dark purples and those blood reds! Halloween is pretty much the only day where you can dress up as something that is crazy and/or creepy so why not be bold about it and turn heads with some loud colors? also these colors will create a bit of contrast if you choose them correctly making your makeup really stand out. And they don’t always have to be loud, you could have pale and pastel colors beacuase they may go with you costume more just don’t forget contrast.


There are soooo many different kinds of lip tattoos and they are unique. With the right lip tattoo, forget bold! You’ll have something people may have never seen! they will definitely put an edge on your costume.


Have fun with this season! Go all out! Get creative! there are so many Halloween themed products, from perfume to house decorations, why not try them out!

I hope you guys have a great Halloween and i may do a tutorial on what i am being for Halloween:)

Love you!,



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