New Music Monday

I know that I’m going against the flow here but here’s a playlist filled with tracks that I hope will make you ready to get up and face the world. A lot of these songs are popular but I hope that you also take with your from the messages of the songs I’ve chosen to get out there and face the world fully! Don’t be afraid to embrace the outcast that you are. I hope you all have a fabulous week and I look forward to bringing you a post that will bring you more about the freakshow theme TeenCult has.

1. Toronto Rapper Drake had a new song drop today called, “How About Now” It’s not sure what album it will go on or even if Drake intended it to drop, but it’s a great song to help jump start your day.

2. Taylor Swift released a new 30 second snippet of “Welcome To New York” This is her opening track on her new album that’ll be released in six days! Since it’s not exactly long enough to fully get you ready for your day, here’s another song off of 1989 that Swift released last week. This one is called “Out Of The Woods” that you can’t help but hear in your head and get it stuck in their all day long.

3. Justin Bieber released a remix of Meghan Trainer’s hit song “All About That Bass” It’s definitely on the catchy side! No way does it top Meghan Trainer’s sassy original song.

4. Singer-songwriter James Bay is a little on the mellow side but it also brings a refreshing edge that makes for a beautiful start to your day!

5. Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment released a brand new song called “Better Day Blues” Even though the lyrics are very pessimistic, Chance’s smooth voice is actually indescribable. It’s hard to explain how natural and lovely his singing voice is. It’s unlike any that most rappers typically have. I really enjoyed this song.

6. Brother and sister duo from Belfast, Northern Ireland- Lucy and Thom Southern makeup the Indie band Northern. The song “Cool Kid” has a strong rock vibe that reminds me of Jake Bugg and The Kooks, two musical groups that Southern is opening for this fall. Southern’s debut album should be released this spring.

7. This song isn’t new but I felt weird including a Jessie Ware song without this one. “Wildest Moments” is catchy and a great dance track in my opinion. It’s also the song that put Ware on the map. The second Jessie Ware song included is “Say You Love Me” comes off of Ware’s most recent album. It’s also an incredible power ballad that you can’t help but love.

8. The Electronic Indie Singer-Songwriter with the unique sound and voice James Blake recently released the unreleased track “Building It Still” I love the interesting vibe that this song gives off.

9. The awesome pop singer Charli XCX released this awesome anti-school anthem which will hopefully get you going to start your day! It’s impossible not to be ready to go after hearing this jam.

10. Lorde’s new song “Yellow Flicker Beat” was released two weeks ago and it’ll be on Mockingjay Part 1 which is coming out later this year! It has that trademark Lorde vibe that we love so much. It’s dark but also highlights her gorgeous vocals.


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